Aged Care Division

CURA Health Group provides clinical services and pharmaceutical supply to over 100 Aged Care Facilities and over 7000 residents. We provide a comprehensive service, tailored to the individual facility’s needs.

We are capable of delivering every available unit dose and multi-dose packing system; we own two state of the art robotic sachet drug packing machines, which allow us to achieve one of the highest accuracy rates in the industry for nursing home pharmacy supplies, medication packing and aged care drug supplies in Melbourne.

We are also at the forefront of minimizing risk of communication errors with innovative methods of medication order communication, including electronic, hand-held ordering, administration and auditing solutions.

Our Pharmacists visit each facility on a weekly basis checking medication charts against regularly packed medications ensuring that medications are packed accurately as per doctor’s instructions.

Cura Health Group Aged Care division specialises in aged care pharmacy, nursing home pharmacy, aged care drug supplies and medication / drug packing in Melbourne.

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