The primary measure of pharmacy services to aged care facility clients is Accuracy.

CURA Health Pharmacy has achieved one of the highest packing accuracy rates in the industry. At our state of the art pharmacy two robotic, fully automated packing machines plus a fully automatic dispensing machine ensure that patients receive the correct medications thereby reducing medication errors.

Over 75 years, we have evolved checking systems, which are responsible for reducing any potential errors even further. We have systems for checking accuracy at every stage of the process, from delivering materials into our packing machines all the way to checking at the time of delivery, that what has been prescribed is what we have packed and delivered.

CURA Health Pharmacy has in place a system of risk management, and a complete Quality based system of continuous improvement and communication, to ensure that we anticipate any problems rather than just reacting to them.

Whatever system of medication delivery suits you, we can ensure that it will be provided at the best accuracy rates in the industry and that you will be able to have confidence in all medications we provide.