Medication Systems

CURA Health Pharmacy can deliver an automated medication dispensing sysyem to your nursing home or aged care facility in Melbourne in a way that suits you best, and allows for flexibility in delivery systems.

CURA-bles – A drug sachet delivery system. All medications are packed in dosage time sachets. The sachets are packed by two robotic (automated medication dispensing system), state of the art, packing machines, which achieve one of the highest accuracy rates in the industry. The sachets are delivered in patient-specific containers, with resident photos, individual medication descriptions, quantities, generic and brand names. Medications can be crushed in their sachets, reducing medication round times, risk of medication loss, confusion or mess.

Unit-dose and multi-dose Webster systems – This well known and trusted medication delivery method is available to you in all its different packing forms. With individual, colour coded Websters, or multi-dose community packs. We can deliver all the variants and we have years of practical experience, innovative systems and tried methods to make sure that whatever form you decide on, we can tailor it to meet your needs.

Original packaging dispensing
– We can also provide you with the original medication containers, and ensure that reordering systems are in place to reduce your workload.

CURA Health Group is recognized by development companies as the place to test their innovations. As a result, our clients benefit from revolutionary technology and continually evolving best practice.