The CURA Difference

Why choose CURA Health?

  • CURA Health provides some of the leading packing accuracy rates in the industry
  • CURA Health has 75 years of experience in providing aged care services
  • CURA Health currently services 3000 residents at over 100 facilities
  • Communication is at the core of our success. We know that communication can be a major risk factor, and we have time-tested systems to identify and eliminate communication derived problems.
  • A pharmacist delivers your weekly medications and checks doctor’s orders to confirm accuracy. We are the only aged care pharmaceutical services supplier providing this service.
  • CURA Health has affiliations with major private hospitals providing continuity post-discharge and allowing access to unusual, rare and special access medications.

Many aged care facilities are happy to recommend our services. You may know this already, as we might have been recommended to you by one of our existing clients. If not, we have an extensive list of referees and we are happy to share it with you.